Neutrons for Science and Industry

Structured Waves: From Matter to Light

by Prof. Dmitry Pushin (University of Waterloo, Canada)

HS 3 (Physics Department)

HS 3

Physics Department


Neutrons are important probes of mater and quantum physics. They are particularly powerful at characterizing magnetic structures. In order to extend the applications of neutron physics as a quantum probes/sensors we have developed methods based on Quantum Information Processing for preparing structured waves such as orbital and spin-orbit states of neutrons. Such states may be prepared for the beam as a whole, or with reference to the coherence length of the neutron wavepacket, which is much smaller than the width of useful beams. I will describe experiments to prepare and characterize neutron beams with specific orbital and spin-orbit structure based on neutron interferometry and will show how we can apply these methods to other type of probes such as light.

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Dr. Alexandros Koutsioumpas
Dr. Markos Skoulatos