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Structure and dynamics of helimagnets with Dzyaloshinkiy-Moriya interaction: polarized SANS study

by Dr Sergey Grigoryev (Saint-Petersburg State University)

PH HS 3 (Physics Department)


Physics Department

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I will not talk about skyrmion lattice but will present the results obtained by polarized SANS on the chirality of the helimagnets with Dzyaloshinkiy-Moriya interaction. The resolved and open questions of how the chiral nature affects the magnetic structure will be discussed. I will show that  spin waves of these helimagnets even in the fully polarized state are chiral and the dispersion relation is asymmetrically shifted along the magnetic field direction. The story, status and currents developments at the reactor PIK (Gatchina, Russia) will be briefly discussed.

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Dr.Alexandros Koutsioumpas
Dr. Christian Franz