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Frustrated Magnetism in Mott Insulating V2O3

by Jonathan Leiner (Technical University of Munich)

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar

By comparing neutron spectroscopy and theoretical density-functional methods, we show the paramagnetic Mott insulating phase in 4% Cr-doped V2O3 owes its existence to frustrated magnetic interactions in quasi-2D honeycomb layers. Specifically, we find that this frustration supplants a magnetically ordered insulator by a spin-liquid-like insulating phase, thus suppressing the magnetic ordering temperature sufficiently to unveil this unique isosymmetric Mott metal-insulator transition. This work leads to the recognition that magnetic frustration can be a key player in the phase diagrams of strongly correlated metals with orbitally selective electron localization transitions.
For further details and description, see Physical Review X 9, 011035 (2019).


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