MLZ Conference: Neutrons for Energy

Hotel Wyndham Grand Axelmannstein, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Hotel Wyndham Grand Axelmannstein, Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Salzburger Str. 2-6 83453 Bad Reichenhall
Thomas Brückel (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH), Winfried Petry

Courtesy A. Senyshin


Abstract submission deadline extended

till March 31st, 2016


Scope of the Conference


A sustainable, environmentally-friendly and efficient production and use of energy is one of the major challenges that societies are facing around the globe. Economically-balanced solutions are urgently needed. Material and material system development is the key for technological progress. Scientists search for technologies for energy applications based on both soft and hard matter materials. Neutrons are an analytical key tool, as they provide deep insight into the structure and dynamics of matter. In particular, the high penetration depth of neutrons can be used to study complex systems and fully assembled devices under in situ/operando conditions. In addition, for many energy related materials the presence of light atoms like hydrogen, lithium or oxygen is at the core of their functionality and neutrons are ideally suited to elucidate the appropriate structures and dynamics.  Neutrons play thus a crucial role to tailor physical properties for the next-generation materials for energy applications.

This conference covers major topics of neutron analytics for energy research like energy storage and energy transformation (including batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis, H2-storage, thermoelectrics, and magnetocalorics), solar energy applications, catalysis, as well as engineering and industrial applications. In addition methodological instrument developments are an important contribution to enhance energy research with neutrons.       

The international conference “Neutrons for Energy” targets scientists from all fields working in energy materials development. It will emphasize the use of neutron scattering and neutron spectroscopy as analytical tools for the characterization, development and optimization of materials for energy applications.




Energy storage & transformation

Solar Energy


Nuclear Energy

Engineering & Industrial applications

Advanced and Complementary methods

The workshop will be directly followed by the HGF Programme “From Matter to Materials and Life”: Workshop of In-house Research Theme: “Materials and Processes for Energy and Transport Technologies” -21st-22nd July 2016.




(C) R. Gilles, TUM

  • Abdelfattah Mahmoud
  • Alexander Ioffe
  • Alexander Opitz
  • Anatoliy Senyshyn
  • Anita Lehmann
  • Armin Kriele
  • Bernhard Frick
  • Bujar Jerliu
  • Burkhard Schillinger
  • Chiara Cavallari
  • Christa Casparick-Albers
  • Christian Stieghorst
  • Christina Krywka
  • Christoph Hugenschmidt
  • Clemens Heske
  • Eberhard Lehmann
  • Egor Vezhlev
  • Elisabeth Jörg-Müller
  • Eneli Härk
  • Erwin Hüger
  • Fanni Juranyi
  • Felix Beckmann
  • Felix Opitz
  • Galina Gurieva
  • Gudrun Opitz
  • Harald Schneider
  • Helmut Ehrenberg
  • Henrich Frielinghaus
  • Heshmat Noei
  • Ilya Sergeev
  • Janna Maranas
  • Jean-Francois Moulin
  • Jean-Noël Chotard
  • Josie Auckett
  • Jürgen Neuhaus
  • Karen Friese
  • Karin Schmalzl
  • Katie David
  • Katja Hauschildt
  • Katja Hausschildt
  • Kiril Krezhov
  • Kirill Nemkovskiy
  • Kristina Edström
  • Lukas Karge
  • Mamuka Chikovani
  • Marcus Herlitschke
  • Margarita Russina
  • Maria Maddalena Schiavone
  • Marina Khaneft
  • Martin J. Mühlbauer
  • Martin Müller
  • Michael Hofmann
  • Michael Monkenbusch
  • Michael Schulz
  • Mikhail Feygenson
  • Mogens Christensen
  • Mykhailo Monchak
  • Neelima Paul
  • Nicolas Martinez
  • Nika Soltwedel
  • Nikolaos Biniskos
  • Olaf Holderer
  • Olaf Soltwedel
  • Oxana Ivanova
  • P. Klaus Pranzas
  • Paul Hering
  • Pavel Strunz
  • Pengfei Zhan
  • Peter Albers
  • Peter Notten
  • Peter Staron
  • Pierre Boillat
  • Piers Barnes
  • Rajesh Dutta
  • Ralph Gilles
  • Reiner Zorn
  • Sebastian Busch
  • Stefan Seidlmayer
  • Sumit Maity
  • Sumit Maity
  • Thomas Brückel
  • Thomas Gutberlet
  • Tomas Verhallen
  • Vanessa Wood
  • Vladimír Slugen
  • Volodymyr Baran
  • Věra Strunzová
  • Weimin Gan
  • Werner Lehnert
  • William David
  • Winfried Petry
  • Xuefei Miao
  • Yu Lin
  • Yuanding Huang
  • Zsolt Revay