Neutrons for Science and Industry

Understanding dynamic processes in protein solution

by Dr Felix Roosen-Runge (Malmö University)

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A consistent characterization of protein dynamics in solution is an essential cornerstone to a mechanistic understanding of biological processes such as cellular transport or docking of flexible molecules. Among a range of techniques, quasi-elastic neutron scattering (QENS) has matured into a relevant technique for proteins in solution over the last 15 years [1].

As the first part of the talk, I will present recent results on diffusion in concentrated protein solutions such as for eye lens proteins [2] and the polydisperse cellular lysate [3]. The comparison to colloidal predictions and to complementary techniques enables a consistent understanding of the complex phenomenology.

As the second part, I address processes starting from protein solutions. Recent results on thermal denaturation in protein solutions [4], protein crystallization [5] and arrest transitions in antibody solutions [6] will be presented. A discussion on the potential of the used methods to collect time-resolved QENS signatures will conclude the presentation.

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