NMI3-II Business meeting

Glass Palace (FRM II entrance) (Technical University of Munich, Garching Campus)

Glass Palace (FRM II entrance)

Technical University of Munich, Garching Campus

Lichtenbergstr.1 85748 Garching Germany
NMI3-II Business meeting

The Business meeting has the aim of giving a very brief feedback on the progress of each workpackage. In case workpackage leaders can not attend, they are requested to either send a short (!) presentation with their statements to the coordinator or to delegate the report to a WP colleague. This specific meeting will mainly be used for discussion on a potential of future proposal under H2020.
Therefore the Board and Advisory Committee are invited.
The respective document (draft workprogram) has been circulated.


Useful Information
  • Alain Menelle
  • Annie BRULET
  • Arno Hiess
  • Don Paul
  • Götz Eckold
  • Helmut SCHOBER
  • Inês Crespo
  • Javier Campo
  • Julian Oberdisse
  • Jürgen Neuhaus
  • Linda Udby
  • Mark Johnson
  • Martin Müller
  • Menno Blaauw
  • Miriam Förster
  • Nigel Rhodes
  • Nils Leidel
  • Pavel Strunz
  • Peter Willendrup
  • Philip King
  • Rainer Bruchhaus
  • Rozsa Baranyai
  • Stefan Janssen
  • Stephen Cottrell
  • Thomas Gutberlet
Inês Crespo