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Mar 28 – 29, 2019
Facultad de Educación
Europe/Berlin timezone

Rational design of food processing methods with aid of neutron scattering

Mar 28, 2019, 4:00 PM
Facultad de Educación

Facultad de Educación

Campus San Francisco University of Zaragoza


Wim Bouwman (TU Delft)


Systems of practical relevance to the food industry are often hard to investigate non-invasively. This is caused by the fact that most food emulsions are opaque and soft materials. The relevant length scales are often micrometres. Spin-echo small-angle scattering (SESANS) operates at these length scales and benefits from the high penetrating power of neutrons [1,2]. SESANS yields directly the scattering length density correlation function, which facilitates visual data interpretation [3].
In the presentation the possibilities of SESANS will be illustrated with studies on the structure of protein gels [4,5], protein aggregates [2], protein mixtures [6], emulsions [1], colloids with tuneable interaction [7] and anistropic plant protein aggregates [8].


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