Neutrons for Science and Industry

Cold Positronium physics at the AEgIS Experiment

by Dr Francesco Guatieri (TUM)

HS 3 (Physics Department)

HS 3

Physics Department


The AEgIS experiment at CERN pursues the ambitious goal of measuring
gravitational interactions between neutral matter and antimatter by ob-
serving the free fall of antihydrogen in Earth's gravitational field.
The strict requirements of antihydrogen production at AEgIS prompted the
use of the charge exchange reaction, in which antihydrogen is generated
from the interaction of antiprotons with positronium (Ps) atoms. The re-
quirement of an abundant source of cold Ps at AEgIS generated the oppor-
tunity to perform spectroscopic tests on Ps and prompted further re-
search into the efficient production of cold Ps. In the talk, some of
the spectroscopic tests performed on Ps at AEgIS along with the simula-
tion and characterization of nanostructured positron to positronium con-
verters will be presented.

Organized by

Dr.Alexandros Koutsioumpas
Dr. Christian Franz