29-30 May 2017
European Southern Observatory
Europe/Berlin timezone

Attracting and addressing possible new users for large-scale facilities

29 May 2017, 17:00
Telescopium (European Southern Observatory)


European Southern Observatory

85748 Garching Germany


Dr Karin Griewatsch (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)


Research at large-scale facilities offers fascinating possibilities in all kinds of scientific areas. This becomes visible both in the public and in the scientific community by research results or applications that are being reported in journals, in the web and in other media. - Does this visibility attract new users who have not worked at large-scale facilities before? - Do new users mainly come from working groups that have a tradition of working at large-scale facilities? - How can we address potential users with and without this background? - How can we facilitate the access? Answering these questions includes identifying potential new users and information pathways as well as relevant information for this target group. Over ten years ago, nmi3 and the German Committee Research for Neutrons (KFN) launched a neutron instrument database, the so-called “neutron pathfinder” on the nmi3-website, aiming at the last step of the consideration above, i.e. at facilitating access by making information about neutron instruments in Europe available and searchable. Unfortunately, the project did not run long enough to be fully established. Putting this idea into perspective and discussing it could contribute to the process of attracting new users as well as helping established users.

Primary author

Dr Karin Griewatsch (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)

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