PARI 2017 - Workshop on Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures

xxx (European Southern Observatory)


European Southern Observatory

85748 Garching Germany

Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures II

Communicating the importance of science to society


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Scope of the workshop

Science is exciting, enlightening, complex, fundamental, precise, logical, and creative, all at the same time. However, for the public to get in touch with it and understand why it encompasses all these concepts, efforts need to be made to bridge science and society. With this aim, communication teams at research infrastructures work with a range of methods and channels. They make complex information more tangible and disseminate it as broadly as possible so that the public can understand and be engaged.

This conference aims to be a hands-on forum for communication officers and public relations staff to share their experiences and expertise. The aim is that  participants return  home with new ideas for their work, by learning how and with which means  other research institutions are communicating the importance of science and of research infrastructures to society.

Topics include

  • Evaluation of communication activities and impact
  • Public engagement through visitor programmes and exhibitions
  • Unconventional outreach: thinking out of the box
  • Funding for communication outside the known pathways
  • Engaging the scientists
  • Using online social media channels
  • Enhancing collaboration at research campuses, clusters, and projects
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Communicating on a small budget
  • Issues Management and Crisis Communication


In 2015 we held the first workshop on Public Awareness of Research Infrastructures. Given its success and very positive feedback from the participants, we are now organising the second edition of PARI. PARI2015 was the 10th of a series of events organised by the ERF-AISBL, the European Association of National Research Facilities. We are glad that the EIROforum joined in for the organisation of PARI2017.


European Southern Observatory
Karl-Schwarzschild-Str. 2
85748 Garching

Registration fee
(covers coffee breaks, a lunch, and social dinner in Munich's city centre)


Would you like to be informed about our call for abstracts and deadlines? Don't hesitate to contact us and we will add you to our distribution list.


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Please note that there will be a photographer taking pictures at the event, which will be published on the website.

PARI2017 Poster
  • Alexandra Schmidli
  • Ana Adi
  • Ana Alves
  • Ana Noronha
  • andrea lausi
  • Andrea Voit
  • Anna Carolina Principato
  • Anne Purschwitz
  • Barbara Ferreira
  • Ben Senica
  • Birgit Ziller
  • Brian Trench
  • Christian Eistrup
  • Christina Beck
  • Christine Kortenbruck
  • Christopher Buratta
  • Dan Hillier
  • Eleanor Smith
  • Elise Duflou
  • Emelie Hilner
  • Emily Baldwin
  • Erik Arends
  • Fabienne Landua
  • Fabio Mazzolini
  • Francisco Colomer
  • Georgina Maffey
  • Gorana Jerkovic
  • Gordon Squires
  • Guido Thimm
  • Hana Pergl Sustkova
  • Hannelore Hämmerle
  • Hiroko Tsuzuki
  • Ilse van Bemmel
  • Inês Crespo
  • Isabel Bolliger
  • isabelle quinkal
  • James Gillies
  • James Watson
  • Jamie Sloan
  • Janine Fohlmeister
  • Jo Lewis
  • Joost Wesseling
  • Joseph Diamond
  • Joseph Piergrossi
  • João Retrê
  • Juergen Neuhaus
  • Julia Michel
  • Julia Öberg
  • Julie Haffner
  • Karen O'Flaherty
  • Karin Griewatsch
  • Karlijn Spoor
  • Lars Lindberg Christensen
  • Laura Holland
  • Laura Roberts
  • Lenka Petkova
  • Maarten Roos
  • Manfred Andrae
  • Maren Kappe
  • Margit Fábián
  • Mari Keski-Nisula
  • Mariya Lyubenova
  • Marjolein Oorsprong
  • Mark Gallaway
  • Mathias Jäger
  • Mathieu Isidro
  • Michael Raess
  • Michael Vich
  • Michel Claessens
  • Misha Kidambi
  • Mohamed BELHORMA
  • Nada Caud
  • Nicoletta Carboni
  • Oana Sandu
  • Peter Grimley
  • Petra Nieckchen
  • Phill Day
  • Pieke Hoekstra
  • Premysl Velek
  • Richard Hook
  • Rikke Nielsen
  • Ruiz-Zelmanovitch Natalia
  • Ruth Grutzbauch
  • Sandra Dawson
  • Sara Fletcher
  • Sarah Sherwood
  • Sebastian Weisenburger
  • Simon Schmitt
  • Sophie Tesauri
  • Stefan Swift
  • Stefan Wallner, Bsc
  • Stella Berger
  • Stéphanie Hustache
  • Sérgio Pereira
  • Tania Johnston
  • Terry O'Connor
  • Tutti Johansson Falk
  • Ulrich Marsch
  • Ulrika Steiner
  • Urban Eriksson
  • Ute Gunsenheimer
  • Valeria Foncea
  • Vera Horvath
  • Wibke Borngesser
  • Wolfgang Steffen
  • Yannick LACAZE
  • Ylva Gnosse
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