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Neutrons for Science and Industry

(Short Talk) Dual-Modality Neutron and X-Ray Computed Tomography Techniques and Applications

by Mr Samuel Boston (TUM)

PH HS 3 (Physics Department)


Physics Department

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Computed Tomography (CT) is a non-invasive imaging technique that employs various types of radiation to create three-dimensional representations of intricate objects. X-rays and neutrons are two of the most popular types of radiation used for CT. X-ray CT is commonly used on light elements and is especially well known for revolutionizing medical imaging. Neutron CT is well suited for heavy elements, making it especially useful for industrial applications. 

Neutron and X-ray radiation frequently exhibit complementary contrast due to distinct underlying interaction mechanisms. Thus, comparing x-ray images with neutron images can provide additional information about the object. A dual-modality system combines both X-ray CT with neutron CT by simultaneously taking x-ray and neutron images. This new CT technique allows for much better imaging of objects composed of both light and heavy elements such as batteries, concrete, and cultural heritage objects

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