4-7 June 2019
Arabella Brauneck Hotel
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Spin Caloritronics with Magnetic Insulators

4 Jun 2019, 14:15
Arabella Brauneck Hotel

Arabella Brauneck Hotel

Münchner Str. 25 83661 Lenggries
Keynote Spin caloritronics Spin caloritronics


Prof. Gerrit Bauer (Tohoku University)


Spin Caloritronics is the science and technology devoted to the control of the electron spin with heat in nanoscale structures and devices [1]. It is a subdiscipline of the fields of spintronics, magnetism, and thermoelectrics. A specialized conference series celebrates its 10th edition [2].
Magnetic insulators, especially yttrium iron garnet (YIG), have been crucial material for spin caloritronics since the discovery of the spin Seebeck effect in the YIG|Pt system [3]. YIG is a ferrimagnet with record-high magnetic quality, but a complex crystal structure with a large unit cell. Inelastic neutron scattering experiments [4] interpreted by atomistic simulations [5] are essential for an understanding of spin caloritronic effects.
I this talk I will review the field with emphasis on new developments.

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Primary author

Prof. Gerrit Bauer (Tohoku University)

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