4-7 June 2019
Arabella Brauneck Hotel
Europe/Berlin timezone
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MIEZETOP for the cold triple axis spectrometer (TAS) MIRA

6 Jun 2019, 17:30
1h 30m
Arabella Brauneck Hotel

Arabella Brauneck Hotel

Münchner Str. 25 83661 Lenggries


Henrik Gabold


Neutron Spin Echo is a techniques to obtain high resolution which uses the spin to record information. It is used to observe slow phenomena, which are correlated to relaxation processes, e.g. correlations between atomic positions or spin orientations. Here these phenomena manifest itself in an inelastic broadening of the structure factor S(Q) revealing time domains of inelastic processes that are magnitudes higher than classical neutron spectrometers. One way of realization is MIEZE (Modulation of IntEnsity with Zero Effort) where the energy transfer displays in a contrast change of the oscillating signal. We implement this technique into our triple axis instrument to obtain high resolution in a broad Q-range.

Primary author

Henrik Gabold

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