10-11 December 2019
Europe/Berlin timezone

Status of the Positron Beam Facility and New Developments at NEPOMUC

10 Dec 2019, 13:00
Marriott Conference room - Munich (Marriott)

Marriott Conference room - Munich


Berliner Str. 93 80805 München Germany
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Talk Positrons Positrons


Prof. Christoph Hugenschmidt


The neutron induced positron source NEPOMUC at FRM II/MLZ provides the world’s highest intensity of 10^9 moderated positrons per second. The primary energy of the positrn beam is set to 1 keV. For the vast majority of user experiments, however, the brightness enhanced remoderated positron beam with a typical energy of 20 eV (~5x10^7 positrons per second) is used.
Within this contribution features of the positron beam provided by NEPOMUC and technical upgrades of the positron beam facility such as the improved remoderator stage and new high.stability power supplies for both, electric lenses and magnetic field coils for positron beam transport will be presented. An overview of current and future developments of positron instrumentation will be given. Finally, various options of positron beam experiments, which are planned to be operated in the neutron guide hall east in the long term, will be discussed.

Primary author

Prof. Christoph Hugenschmidt

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