18-22 July 2016
Hotel Wyndham Grand Axelmannstein, Bad Reichenhall, Germany
Europe/Berlin timezone

Neutron depth profiling, present day applications in Lithium ion batteries

19 Jul 2016, 15:10
Invited Energy storage & transformation Session V: Batteries 2 (Chair: Helmut Ehrenberg)


Mr Tomas Verhallen (Tudelft)


First used to measure Boron impurities in silicon wafers, neutron depth profiling has recently gained renewed attention as a non-destructive method for studying of lithium concentration variations along the electrode depth in lithium ion batteries. The presenter will demonstrate application to the high power density and environmentally benign cathode material LiFePO4. The results obtained, both in operando as well as ex-situ, provide important insight for electrode design and inspire the development of novel computational methods.

Primary author

Mr Tomas Verhallen (Tudelft)


Dr Deepak Pratap Singh (Tu Twente) Dr Marnix Wagemaker (TUDelft) Dr Xiaoyu Zhang (NJU)

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