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January 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024
Europe/Berlin timezone

Here you can submit deuteration proposals for the rolling access. In any case, first contact the deuteration team (deuterierung@fz-juelich.de). Please note that this access mode is only for urgent cases.

Neutron scattering experiments, particularly on soft matter, often require precise labelling in order to target selected parts of the material to be studied. Due to the large quantity of hydrogen atoms in soft matter and the marked contrast between hydrogen and its isotope deuterium, selectively replacing hydrogen atoms with deuterium is a versatile strategy to influence the contrast within a material.

In order to make partially or fully deuterated materials available to users, the JCNS offers a synthesis service for deuterated materials, primarily from our core competence areas of polymers and ethoxylation (e.g. surfactants).

You can find more information about the materials we could synthesize for you at “What we offer” and about the proposal procedure and review process at “How it works”.


Please do not hesitate to contact us before writing a proposal or in case of any additional questions regarding the procedure via deuterierung@fz-juelich.de!

If you encounter any administrative issues, get in touch with the MLZ User Office via useroffice@mlz-garching.de.

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