Incommensurate magnetic systems studied with the three-axis spectrometer (TAS) MIRA

15 May 2019, 19:00
Institute of Advanced Study (TUM Campus Garching)

Institute of Advanced Study

TUM Campus Garching

Lichtenbergstraße 2a, 85748 Garching


Robert Georgii


The cold-neutron three-axis spectrometer MIRA is an instrument optimized for low-energy excitations. Its excellent intrinsic 𝑄-resolution makes it ideal for studying incommensurate magnetic systems. MIRA is uses advanced neutron focusing optics such as elliptic guides, which enable the investigation of small samples under extreme conditions. Scientific topics include the investigation of complex inter-metallic alloys and spectroscopy on incommensurate magnetic structures.

Primary author


Markos Skoulatos (TUM) Peter Böni (Technische Universität München)

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