In-situ characterization at high temperature of VDM alloy 780 Premium

15 May 2019, 19:00
Institute of Advanced Study (TUM Campus Garching)

Institute of Advanced Study

TUM Campus Garching

Lichtenbergstraße 2a, 85748 Garching


Cecilia Solis


Ni superalloys are used for high T applications that require good mechanical properties. The aim of reaching higher service T forces the development of new materials. VDM alloy 780 Premium has been developed for higher service T and this work shows its in-situ structural characterization by means of XRD and ND. The morphology is studied by SEM and SANS, the solvus T of the different phases is determined and the structural properties correlated with hardening of the materials.

Primary authors

Cecilia Solis Johannes Munke Michael Hofmann Sebastian Muehlbauer Mr Martin Bergner (Institut für Werkstoffe (ifW), Technische Universität Braunschweig) Dr Bodo Gehrmann (VDM Metals International GmbH) Prof. Joachim Rösler (Institut für Werkstoffe (ifW), Technische Universität Braunschweig) Ralph Gilles

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