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Current Status of PERC

Dec 9, 2020, 2:30 PM
3h 30m
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Online event

Poster UM: Nuclear, Particle, and Astrophysics Joint poster session of MLZ User Meeting and DN2020


Mr Manuel Lebert (Physik-Department ENE, TUM)


The PERC (Proton and Electron Radiation Channel) facility is currently under construction at the MEPHISTO beamline of the FRM II, Garching. It will serve as an intense and clean source of electrons and protons from neutron beta decay for precision studies. It aims to improve the measurements of the properties of weak interaction by one order of magnitude and to search for new physics via new effective couplings. PERC's central component is a 12 m long superconducting magnet system. It hosts an 8 m long decay region in a uniform field. An additional high-field region selects the phase space of electrons and protons, which can reach the downstream detector and systematic uncertainties.
The downstream main detector and the two upstream backscattering detectors, will initially be scintillation detectors with (silicon) photomultiplier readout. In a later upgrade, the downstream detector will be replaced by a pixelated silicon detector.
Delivery of the magnet system is scheduled before the end of this year. We present details on PERC’s current status.

Primary authors

Mr Manuel Lebert (Physik-Department ENE, TUM) Ms Karina Bernert (Physik-Department ENE, TUM)


Mr Alexander Hollering (Physik-Department ENE, TUM) Dr Jens Klenke (FRM II) Ms Kathrin Lehmann (FRM II) Mr Max Lamparth (Physik-Department ENE, TUM) Prof. Bastian Märkisch (Physik-Department ENE, TUM)

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