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Dec 8 – 10, 2020 Online only
Online event
Europe/Berlin timezone

PUMA: thermal three-axes spectrometer equipped with multi-analyzer and unique polarization option

Dec 9, 2020, 2:30 PM
3h 30m
Online event

Online event


Jitae Park


In addition to the “normal three axes” mode, PUMA is equipped with the multi-analyzer and -detector setup consisting of 11 arbitrarily configurable analyzer-detector channels suited for kinetic experiments to realize an entire momentum and energy scan in a single shot. Moreover, the same setup can be used also for neutron polarization experiments to determine the spin flip and the non-spin flip components simultaneously at the same state of the sample. Here we show the current status of PUMA with the multi-analyzer setup.

Primary authors

Jitae Park Dr Avishek Maity Dr Juergen Neuhaus Prof. Götz Eckold (Georg-August University of Göttingen)

Presentation materials

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