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Dec 8 – 10, 2020 Online only
Online event
Europe/Berlin timezone

The strengths of small-angle neutron scattering for magnetic nanoparticle characterization

Dec 9, 2020, 2:30 PM
3h 30m
Online event

Online event


Mathias Bersweiler (University of Luxembourg)


In this talk, we will present our recent advances in applying magnetic small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) for the in-depth characterization of magnetic nanoparticles.
In the first part, we will discuss the benefits of a Bayesian analysis as the new standard for fitting magnetic SANS data of nanoparticle samples [1]. Such a standardized protocol for the refinement of magnetic SANS data is especially useful with biomedical applications of magnetic nanoparticles in mind, as regulatory work regarding prior particle characterization is required to guarantee a safe and effective administration of the particles into the human body.
In the second part, we will demonstrate the unique ability of magnetic SANS to detect very small deviations of the magnetization configuration from the homogeneously magnetized state within nanoparticle (NP) systems [2,3]. The SANS technique has been already used in several other studies to investigate the intra- and interparticle magnetization profile in various NP systems. However, in contrast to the previous works, our analysis is focused on model-independent approaches. Moreover, we employ large-scale micromagnetic continuum simulations to support our findings and to disclose the delicate interplay between the particle size and the magnetization profile within NPs.

[1] Bersweiler et al., Nanotechnology, in press (2020)
[2] Bersweiler et al. PRB 100, 144434 (2019)
[3] Vivas et al. arXiv:2003.08694 (2020)

Primary author

Mathias Bersweiler (University of Luxembourg)


Dr Philipp Bender (University of Luxembourg) Dr Laura González Vivas (University of Luxembourg) Dr Sergey Erokhin (General Numerics Research Lab,) Prof. Dmitry Berkov (General Numerics Research Lab,) Dr Dirk Honecker (ISIS Neutron and Muon Source) Prof. Andreas Michels (University of Luxembourg)

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