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Dec 8 – 9, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Capabilities in the upgraded MLZ Physics Lab

Dec 9, 2022, 2:00 PM


Board: P-070
Poster Structure Research Poster Session


Dr Alexander Book (TUM)


In this contribution, we present the new devices of the Physics Lab, which is open for all MLZ users. It comprises of a magnitude of different preparation and analytical tools, which are intended to support users for upcoming neutron scattering experiments. For analytical purposes, the lab offers the ability to use a digital microscope, x-ray reflectometer, x-ray residual stress diffractometer, a multi-purpose x-ray diffractometer and a DynaCool14 Physical Property Measurement System with dilution insert. The DynaCool14 has options for heat capacity, vibrating sample magnetometry, ac/dc resistance, ac susceptibility and much more. The XRDs allow to measure nearly all kind of samples, ranging from powders and solids to thin films and capillaries in order to conduct phase identification and quantification or investigation of film thickness and density. As sample preparation devices we are equipped with saws, polishers, powder grinders and high temperature ovens with inert gas.

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